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Q: How do you write a Turbo C program to determine whether a number is prime or not?
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How do you create a program that will determine if it is highest number in turbo c?

It is 32767 for data-type int, 65535 for unsigned int.

For loop in turbo c program?

Yes, you can use for-loop in a C program compiled by Turbo C.

How to make simple c program in turbo c?

a simple program in turbo c: main() { println (" Hello this is simple program of c Long. "); }

What are the program of turbo pascal?


Can you have a turbo timer when you have no turbo?

Yes. It can be installed to your car without having a turbo. Your car will operate the same whether you have a turbo installed or not.

Which is not an example of an utility program?

Turbo Pascal.

Turbo c program that will determine if the input is odd or even number?

#include <stdio.h> int main() { printf("Program to find ODD or Even Number\n"); while(1) { int n = 0; printf("\nEnter a number(-1 for Exit): "); scanf("%d",&n); if( n 0) { printf("%d is a EVEN number.\n", n); } else { printf("%d is a ODD number.\n", n); } } return 0; }

What is name of the software in which you create program?

Turbo c3 or Turbo c4. R.P. Hammad Khan_Haider...

Parts of turbo c plus plus program?

Turbo c c++are weak lapa

How do you load a program in turbo c?


How can you use turbo c in Window7?

With program DosBox,

Who is the founder of turbo c program?

Turbo c program is from Borland which is an integrated development environment and a computer language. Some of the parts of turbo c were incorporated from the wizard c in 1987, but it was first developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1970.

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