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To measure current in a circuit. The meter needs to be inserted in series with the source or a clamp on meter has to be used on a single wire.

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Q: What do you use a amp meter for?
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How you can measure amps?

If possible, use an in-line amp meter. If that's not practical, use a clamp amp meter.

Can you use an Amp meter to read energy with fruits and vegitables?

No but you can use a volt meter to read voltage.

Can you install 150 amp service in 200 amp meter base?

Yes, you can always use undersized meter base shutoff's, but never use oversized shutoffs.

When would you use a clamp on amp meter?

You would use a clamp on amp meter for measuring the electrical current of an outlet or wire. The clamp allows the meter to get an accurate reading without the user having to worry about the meter moving around too much.

What do electricians use to test circuits?

Continuity tester, volt meter, clamp on amp meter, megger and ohm meter.

What is a amp meter?

a meter for amps

How do you measure dc amps?

Amp measurement in a dc circuit is commonly done by use of a clamp on amp meter. The meter has a loop on one end that opens up. The loop is clamped around a wire, and the meter shows the amperage.

What causes amp meter to fluxuate when turn signal in on?

is this happening when car is at idle? the indicators use power so sometimes at idle the amp meter will fluctuate because of this. if this is happening when driving i would have alternator and battery checked

Can you install 100 amp service in 200 amp meter base?

No, each size service needs its own meter base.

How many voltmeter and ammeter are in dc watt meter?

There is no volt meter or amp meter in a DC watt meter.

What is current measured by?

An amp meter. On a multi meter you use the Amps scale or I scale or Current scale. Different meters refer to the amps in different text.

What is the sign for amp on a volt clamp meter?


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