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An algorithm is basically a series of steps that can be followed. Usually it involves math or computing or both.

An algorithmic solution would be a solution that a computer could use to solve a problem. It's kind of the opposite of thinking about a problem in order to solve it.

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Q: What is an algorithmic solution to a problem?
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What systematic problem-solving method guarantees a solution provided that one exists a.heuristic method b. algorthmic method c. mnemonic device d. cognitive shortcut?

algorithmic method

Difference between heuristic solutions and algorithmic solutions?

An Algorithmic solution is a solution that involves a series of actions/steps. For example, baking a cake. A Heuristic solution is a solution that requires knowledge, experience, and sometimes trial and error. For example, buying the best stock. While some problems require only one type of solution, most problems require a combination of the two different types of solutions.

Which problems can be solved by algorithmic process?

Strange as it may seem, we don't actually use algorithms to solve problems; an algorithm is the end-product of problem-solving. In short, every problem that has a solution already has an algorithm. Moreover, every problem that is known to have no solution has a proof to demonstrate that fact. But problems that have yet to be solved have no known algorithm or proof -- and that's precisely why they remain unsolved (for now).

What has the author Roland C Backhouse written?

Roland C. Backhouse has written: 'Algorithmic problem solving' -- subject(s): Computer algorithms, Problem solving

When was Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium created?

Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium was created in 1994.

Is statistics a solution of your problem or means to indicate problem?

It is a solution.

Which is correct usage - solution for or solution to?

For every problem there is a solution to the problem, just as you can have a key to a lock.However for a problem you have a special solution for the problem just as you have a key made for a particular lock.

Is a solution just a solution?

A solution is the answer to a problem. For example, in a math problem a solution is this: 5w=25 w= 5

How do you use algorithmic in a sentence?

Sam had learned that the algorithm he had used to calculate the payload area was incorrect.

What are problem and solution a synonym antonym or homophone?

Problem and solution are antonyms.

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