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temporary structure used to support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures.

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Q: What is scaffolding?
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When was scaffolding invented?

There are indications that scaffolding was used as far back as 17,000 years ago. Scaffolding was used to paint the ceilings in the caves at Lascaux.

How much does scaffolding cost?

That question can't be answered unless we know what sort of scaffolding and how much of it you want, what city you are in...

How high can a scaffolding can go?

it depends on how big they built it to go...

How do you calculate the load bearing capacity of scaffold?

Before you can calculate the load bearing capacity of a scaffold, you will need to know there are three types of scaffolding; light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. Now you can calculate the load bearing capacity by using the height to base ratio.

What is the function of cyptoplasm?

Cytoplasm functions as a "molecular soup" that holds together all of the cell's organelles, and divides the organelles within the cell. Cytoplasm is thought to be the "home"of the cytoskeleton; the cytoskeleton provides movement of the cell as well as its shape through the "cytoplasmic streaming", when the cytoskeleton moves to push the cell membrane it is then when the cytoplasm moves and fills the empty space. Proteins that occur in the cytoskeleton help to keep the shape of the cell, for the proteins are known to be used for "intracellular support". Also,cytoplasm contains nutrients that have been dissolved and it help for the dissolving of the waste products. Within the cytoplasm there are also "microtubules" which function as cell dividers, they are known for "temporary scaffolding"-for the other organelles.Actin Filaments are also rfound in cytoplasm and they also contribute to cell division as well as cell motility. Furthermore, the cytoplasm is composed of components that benefit the cell and keep the organelles separate from one another. hows that?

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What are scaffolding proteins?

show what a scaffolding protein is

What are the duties of scaffolding supervisor?

scaffolding foreman mean

What is scaffolding training?

Scaffolding training teaches you all about the scaffolding that hangs on buildings. Since you will spending quite a bit of time on scaffolding, you need the class in order to be safe on it.

How many scaffolding pipes are required to construct 1000 cubic meters of scaffolding?

It depends on the lengths of the scaffolding pipes.

Where can scaffolding be purchased?

There are a few different places in which an individual may purchase scaffolding. Scaffold Mart is one company which offers scaffolding. Additionally, there is scaffolding available for purchase on Amazon.

Will scaffolding on your roof attract lightning?

Metal scaffolding can certainly do so.

Who wrote poem scaffolding?

Seamus Heaney wrote the poem "Scaffolding".

When was scaffolding invented?

There are indications that scaffolding was used as far back as 17,000 years ago. Scaffolding was used to paint the ceilings in the caves at Lascaux.

Types of scaffolding used in construction?

Tubes and clamp,standard frame scaffolding

What is a scaffolding question?

The scaffolding questions is one that asks for a specific piece of information from a document.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word scaffolding?

He was killed when the scaffolding he was using collapsed.

How do you break scaffolding in assassins creed brotherhood?

Grab a guard and throw him against a scaffolding

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