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Q: A conical tent has a radius of 4.1m and a height of 10.4m doubling which dimension will quadruple the volume of the tent?
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How does doubling the height affect the volume?

If all other dimensions are left unchanged, doubling the height doubles the volume.

A triangle has an area of 34cm squared If you double the base length and height of the triangle what will be the area of the triangle?

Doubling those two dimensions would quadruple the area. So new area = 4*34 cm2 = 136 cm2

How does doubling the height of the cylinder affect the volume?

It doubles it.

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It is supposed to. I did it on my children and it worked

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How many doubling the width of a box affect its volume?

If the other dimensions (length and height) are left unchanged, doubling the width will double the volume.

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