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Polygon B is an octagon.

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Q: Polygon A is a square. Polygon B has 4 more sides than polygon A. What type of polygon is B?
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Why is the square polygon?

Any shape with 3 or more sides is a polygon and so a square is a polygon because it has 4 sides.

Why is a square a regular polygon?

Because a regular polygon has to have 3 or more sides

What is a polygon with 2 or more sides?


Do polygons have 4 sides?

Polygon is a general term describing a closed figure with 3 or more sides. A triangle, then, is a 3-sided polygon, a square or trapezoid is a 4-sided polygon. You could have a polygon that has 18 sides, but the more sides the figure has, the more it approaches being a circle, and the harder it is to even tell that it's a polygon.

What makes a polygon a polygon?

well, all polygons must have 3 or more sides. example: a square is one, but a circle is not because it has no sides

A polygon with five or more sides?

A polygon with 5 or more sides can be a stop sign it has 8 sides.

Does a polygon have more sides or angles?

A polygon has exactly as many sides as it has angles.

Which 2d shape has equal sides?

Square. A regular polygon. It can have three or more sides.

Does a polygon usally have more sides or more angles?

does a polygon usually have more sides or more angles

How many more sides does a polygon have than a octagon?

an octagon is a polygon. an octagon has 8 sides. a polygon is a shape with closed sides.

Which shape is not like the others triangle sqarre hexagon and a polygon?

A triangle has 3 sides, a square has 4 sides, an hexagon has 6 sides and a polygon has 3 or more sides.

Is a polygon a rhombus?

No but a rhombus is a polygon. A polygon can have three of more sides, and these can be of different lengths.

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