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Acute angles

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Q: What kind of angles do you see in the letter N?
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How many acute angles in the letter N?

The letter "N" as two acute angles.

What is the sum of angles of a polygon?

Homework help has a great explanation of the answer to this question (see reference for the link).We use a formula to find the sum of the interior angles of any polygon. In this formula, the letter n stands for the number of sides, or angles, that the polygon has.sum of angles = (n - 2)180°So for a triangle (n = 3), The angles add to 180For a square (n = 4), the angles add to 360For a octagon (n = 8) the angles add to 1080

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What kind of angle are shown in the letter N?


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Is it possible to draw two angles that share a side but do not share a vertex?

Yes. Consider the two angles in the letter Z (or N). The diagonal line is common but the angles do not share a vertex.

What is the formula for interior angles?

The sum of the interior angles of an n-gon is (n-2)*180 degrees. If the n-gon is regular, its n angles are equal and in that case, each is (n-2)*180/n degrees.

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nice, neat

What country starts with the letter N and finishes with the letter N?

According to my reference, (see related link) no officially recognized countries start, and end with the letter "N"

What type or angle do you see in the letter N?


What type of angle do you see in the letter N?


What is the Formula to find sum of angles in a polygon?

Sum of interior angles of n-sided polygon is (2n - 4) right angles or 180n - 360 degrees and you may commonly see this written in an equivalent form 180(n-2) degrees. Sum of exterior angles is always 360 degrees.

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