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Please Evaluate this algebra expression -4 -3


Joe borrowed 8000 dollars on a one year note at 13 percent how much will joe owe when the note comes due


How much time will a 500 investment need to earn 100 in interest at a rate of 10 percent per year


1000 dollars in a savings account pays 7 percent interest per year The interest earned after the first year is added to the account How much interest is earned on the new principal the following year


Jackie invested 12000 in a certificate of deposit at 6 percent She also put 3000 in a savings account at 3 percent How much interest will she earn after one year


How long will a 9000 investment take to earn 180 interest at an annual interest rate of 8 percent

3 months

How much money should be invested at an annual rate of 12 percent in order to earn 300 interest in a year


Six hundred dollars is borrowed at an interest rate of 1.4 percent per month Find the interest for a 30-month period


Mary bought a red convertible for 14000 She paid 1000 down and borrowed the rest on a one year note at 15 percent interest How much will she owe at the end of one year

"14,950" or "14,950.00" or "14950" or "14950.00"

If Marty maintains an average balance of 3500 dollars on a credit card that he uses only for necessary purchases and the bank charges 19.9 percent interest how much interest will he pay

He pays $696.50 interest.

Linda received a credit card through the mail The interest rate charged by the credit card company is 24.9 percent If she maintains an average balance of 2400 owed on the card how much will she have


How do you play twilight on the keyboard









Thomas charged 2400 on his credit card to buy furniture The interest rate charged by the credit card company is 24.9 percent after one month the minimum payment on the debt is 50 How much will he

2400 x .249 % is 597.6.

Harry has 4000 invested in two savings accounts One account earns 6 percent interest per year and the other pays 7 percent per year If his total interest for the year is 264 how much is invested at


Franklin has 2500 in a savings account that pays interest at the rate of 4 percent annually. How much interest will he earn after one year

4% of 2500 = 2500*4/100 = 100

Assuming there is no compounding - The above calculation is appropriate and 100 is the interest earned by Franklin at the end of one year.

There are banks that offer quarterly or half yearly compounding wherein, the interest earned in the first quarter would be considered as principal in the second quarter. In that case, the calculation would vary.

In the UK the quoted rate must be the annual equivalent rate which takes any compounding into account. So 4 percent annually (as stated in the question), could be 1.98% every six months, or 0.3274% every month. But at the end of one year the compounded interest must be 4%. Other countries will have different regulations.

What sets of numbers is not a subset of the real numbers

The complex numbers.

This bank controls the largest amount of money and offers the widest range of services

commercial bank

What type of jewelry should not be worn

Jewelry that is uncomfortable or jewelry that you make have an allergic reaction to should not be worn.

Which of these choices would best to wear in a chemistry lab

Depending upon the nature of the materials you're using:

Lab coat, safety goggles, closed-toe shoes, long pants, gloves.

What is crucible with cover defines

A crucible is a small container made from platinum or platinum alloys, zirconium, steel, ceramics used for calcination at high temperature, melting etc; the crucible may have a cover it is necessary.

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