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The shape of a pyramid is the shape of a square based pyramid.

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Q: What is the shape of Egyptian pyramid?
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What shape is the bottom of an Egyptian pyramid?

The shape of the bottom of an Egyptian pyramid is a square.

What shape are ancient Egyptian houses?

How about PYRAMID.

What is the shape of the base of an Egyptian pyramid?

An Egyptian Pyramid has 4 triangular sides and 1 SQUAREbase. An Egyptian Pyramid has 4 triangular sides and 1 SQUARE base.

What are Egyptian pyramids the shape of?

3D = Pyramid 2D = Triangle

What shape are the Egyptian pyramids?

3D = Pyramid 2D = Triangle

How did pyramids get their name?

From Greek mathematics. That's why a pyramid in geometry is called a pyramid, not because they named the shape after Egyptian monuments.

How do you make an 3-D Egyptian pyramid?

There are many ways to do this :)You could:Make a pyramid out of paperMake a pyramid out of icy-pole sticksGlue together pieces of stones in a pyramid shape

Why did Egyptian make pyramids into the shape of a pyramid?

With the engineering they had available, that was the shape that let them build the biggest and tallest stuff.

How were Egyptian pyramids made?

people heaved bricks up with ropes to make a pyramid shape

What was an Egyptian pyramid for?

An Egyptian pyramid served as a tomb for the deceased pharaoh.

Can only a triangle can be the base of a pyramid?

no Pyramid bases can be any polygonal shape, but are often squares or triangles. The Egyptian Pyramids were constructed on square bases.

What solids have the shape of a pyramid?

Church steeple, Eiffel Tower, C.N. Tower,Electric poles, Egyptian pyramid,some tomb stones

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