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no one knows.

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Q: When was the first shovel invented?
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Who invented the first shovel?

santa claus

Who invented the shovel?

It is believed that cavemen invented shovels but, who knows?

What device was invented to dig out the bottom of a river?


What class lever is a shovel?

A shovel is a First - class lever .

Is snow shovel a lever?

Yes, a snow shovel is a first class lever

How do you dig in Pokemon dimond?

First, you get a shovel. Then you stick the shovel in the ground. Then you get some dirt on the shovel and with the dirt on it, pull the shovel out. And then my friend, you will be digging. Your mother will be so proud of you!

Where do you get the shovel onn skulll dugery island?

you have to beat captin crawfish first and then you get the shovel

When were shovels invented?

No one knows exactly when the first shovel was invented or even who invented it. One story found on the internet tells the story of a man inventing it as a weapon to use during an attack on his village, then later turned into a tool that digs.

How do you get the shovel on the Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap?

shovel=mole mits that you get in the first wind temple.

What was the fist technology invented?

If you are asking what was the 'first' technology to ever occur, that would be the shovel. The definition of 'technology' is a piece of equipment that makes daily life easier.

How do you get the golden shovel?

to get a golden shovel, first you will need 2 regular shovels... bury one of the shovels, wait a day, (Or skip in time) then un-dig the shovel you buried and it will be a golden shovel. hope i helped! :)

Poptropica how do you get shovel on skullduggery?

You talk to the governor back on the first island and he will give you a shovel. this is after you defeat cat. crawfish.

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