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Check the SPID in your glove box. one of the G** Codes will be the rearend ratio G80 means you have a locking(posi) Rearend. GU2 AXLE REAR , 2.73 RATIO GU4 AXLE REAR , 3.08 RATIO GU5 AXLE REAR , 3.23 RATIO GU6 AXLE REAR , 3.42 RATIO GU7 AXLE REAR , 2.77 RATIO GU8 AXLE REAR , 3.90 RATIO GT2 AXLE REAR , 4.77 RATIO GT3 AXLE REAR , 4.55 RATIO GT4 AXLE REAR , 3.73 RATIO GT5 AXLE REAR , 4.10 RATIO Anything else, let me know, I'll look it up. (cortex454 at gmail dot com

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Q: How can you find the gear ratio of a 1988 G20 three quarter ton 5.7?
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