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1. triangular prism it has 2 triangular faces.

2.triangular base pyramid, it has 5 triangular faces.

3. square base pyramid, it has 4 triangular faces.

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Q: Name 3 solids that have triangular faces tell how many triangular faces each one have.?
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What are platonic solids and what do they look like?

The five Platonic solids are regular polyhedra. They are convex shapes which are created from regular polygonal faces, such that the number of faces meeting at each face is the same.The five are:tetrahedron - 4 triangular faces;hexahedron (or cube - 6 square faces;octahedron - 8 triangular faces,dodecahedron - 12 pentagonal facesicosahedron - 20 triangular faces.To see their images, search Google for Platonic Solids.

Which has the most triangular faces a triangular pyramid or a square pyramid?

Each of them has four triangular faces.

What are the examples of regular solids?

Regular solids are solids where all of the angles and faces are congruent. A die or cube is an example of a regular solid, specifically a regular square prism. A regular triangular pyramid would be a pyramid with a triangular base where each of the three sides of the pyramid were identical to the triangle on the base.

What are the shapes of each of the faces on a pyramid?

All except the base are always triangles; the shape of the base gives the name to the pyramid; eg a pentagonal pyramid has a pentagon as the base and five triangular faces; a triangular pyramid has three triangular faces and also has a triangle for the base.

You each have 1 square face and 4 triangular faces Altogether you have 3 square faces and 12 triangular faces What are you?

Rectangular prism

How many parellel faces are there in a triangular pyramid?

Zero parallel faces in a triangular pyramid. There are four faces, and none of them are parallel to each other.

What are the faces of a triangular pyramid?

it has 4 faces and each face is a triangle.

What is a tatrahedron?

A tetrahedron is a geometric solid with four triangular faces, six edges, and four vertices. It is a type of polyhedron with triangular faces meeting at each vertex.

How is a triangular pyramid alike a triangular prism?

A triangular pyramid is similar to a triangular prism because:These prisms have triangular bases.They have the sharp vertices on each side.These prisms also have quadrilateral faces or 4-sided faces!

How many right angles on all the faces has a triangular prism?

A triangular block prism has four right angles on each of the three faces, so the total 'on all the faces' = 12.

What are the Platonic Solids and what do they look like?

The Modern Five Platonics are ( quite different than the originals known to Plato and Kepler, are in art classes: Sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, and Pyramid. Tetrahedron is another word for the last-named solid. it was a virtual connundrum in art classes that they were basic, required material and the theory was nobody could draw in perspective without this background. Jon Gnagy among others pushed the 5 Platonic solids in his art courses on TV. of course if one is drawing monuments, it is obvious.They were the type of thing that was popular with teachers not so popular with students.

What shape has four flat faces and each one is triangular?

A tetrahedron.