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You can travel 2.375 miles.

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Q: How many miles can you travel in 30 minutes traveling 4.75 miles per hour?
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How long does it take to travel 16.5 miles traveling at 55 miles an hour?

18 minutes

If you travel 20 miles in 15 minutes how fast are you traveling?

80 miles per hour.

How far could you travel in 22 minutes if you were traveling at 65 miles per hour?

22 minutes * (1 hour / 60 minutes) * (65 miles / 1 hour) = 23.833 miles.

How many miles per hour am i going if travel 5 miles in 20 minutes?

You are traveling at 15 miles per hour.

A car traveling 60 miles per hour how long will it take to travel 334 miles?

334 minutes.

13 miles is how many minutes of travel?

It depends on the speed. If you are traveling at 13 mph (miles per hour), it would be 1 hour. If you are traveling at 60 mph, it would be about 13 minutes.

How many miles in 8 minutes?

The number of miles you would travel in 8 minutes would depend on the speed you are traveling. At 60 miles per hour, you would travel 8 miles in 8 minutes.

How long does a car traveling at 45 miles take to travel 90 kilometers?

About an hour and 20 minutes.

If you are traveling 55 mile per hour how far can you travel in twenty minutes?

55/3 miles

What speed are you traveling if your bike does 1 miles in 4 minutes?

How many miles will you travel in an hour at that constant speed? 60/4=15 miles per hour

How long does it take a car traveling at mph to cover 5 miles?

If a car is traveling at 5 miles per hour then it will travel 5 miles in one hour. At 50 mph it will take 6 minutes.

How far will a car travel in 1 hour and 45 minutes?

You forgot so say at what speed the car is traveling. I suppose if you're traveling at 60 miles per hour for one hour and forty five minutes, you'd go 75 miles.

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