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Q: What country has a motto mother and motherland are greater than heaven?
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Mother and motherland are greater than heaven?

Janani Janma-bhoomi-scha Swargadapi Gariyasi" is a Sanskrit shlokauttered by Lord Ramain the Hindu epicRamayana. It is also the national motto of Nepal.

What was the motherland of Mother Teresa?


What is a list of the countries who refer their country as motherland?

one is Germany, Russians call Russia , Mother Russia, but those are the only two I'm absolutely certain on

Why some countries are called motherland and some other fatherland?

Fatherland is the nation of one's fathers or forefathers. It can be viewed as a nationalist concept, insofar as it relates to nations. Groups that refer to their native country as a fatherland associate it primarily with paternal concepts. Motherland is a term that may refer to a mother country, the origin of a colonial power or an ethnic group or immigrant. Motherland is otherwise a synonym for fatherland, though perhaps carrying different psychological associations. It especially has the connotation of one's country of birth and growing up, with the country being respectfully viewed as a benign mother nurturing its citizens as her children.

Why is Russia called mother Russia?

Because our Motherland (Родина), (Rod-ina, born-ina) is our Mother.

What are some compound words that have the word mother?

motherland motherhood grandmother stepmother

Where is the mother land?

america. america. america. america. The motherland or the mother land is a persons native land. But most people think it is Russia because in world war II and before that is what that is what the Russians called their home. Russia the motherland.

will you know your birth mother as your own mother in heaven?

There really is no heaven

When does Okonkwo's uncle Uchendu say that people return to their mother's land?

People return to their motherland when they are suffering and in need of their mother's comfort.

What is the duration of Mother KΓΌsters' Trip to Heaven?

The duration of Mother Küsters' Trip to Heaven is 2 hours.

Is Russia the father land or the mother land?

Russia is referred to as the "Motherland" by Russians. Germany is called the "Fatherland" by Germans

When was Mother KΓΌsters' Trip to Heaven created?

Mother Küsters' Trip to Heaven was created on 1976-01-02.

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