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As a product of its prime factors: 5 times 47 = 235

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Q: What is A if the prime factorization is 235?
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Is 235 a prime factorization?

No it isn't. 235/5 = 47 and 47 is a prim number. 235 isn't a prime number so it isn't a prim factorization. The real factorization is 47 * 5.

What is prime factorization of 235 with exponential?

235 = 51 x 471

Linda writes the prime factorization of 40 as 2225 on the board Phil writes the prime factorization of 40 as 235 Who is correct?


What is the prime number if the prime factorization is 235?

I think you mean that the prime factorization is 2 times 3 times 5. To solve, just perform the multiplication: 2x3x5=30

What are the factors and prime factors of 235?

235 is a composite number because it has factors other than 1 and itself.The 4 factors of 235 are 1, 5, 47 and 235.The factor pairs of 235 are 1 * 235 and 5 * 47.The proper factors of 235 are 1, 5, and 47 or,if the definition you are using excludes 1, they are 5 and 47.The prime factors of 235 are 5 and 47.The distinct prime factors of 235 are also 5 and 47 since there is no repetition of factors.The prime factorization of 235 is: 235 = 5 * 47 .

Is 81 a prime factorization?

81 is not prime. Its prime factorization is 3x3x3x3.

Prime Factorization of 800?

The prime factorization is... 2x2x2x2x2x5x5

Prime factorization chart?

how do i get the prime factorization of 45

What is prime fatorization?

prime factorization is the factorization of numbers

How do you subtract using prime factorization?

That is not what prime factorization is for.

What is the prime factorization for 9600?

what is the prime factorization for 9600

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