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Feet or meters would work well for measuring the height of the tree.

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2016-06-09 15:59:03
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Q: What is the best unit for measuring the height of a tall tree?
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Which is the best estimate for the height of a tall tree?

100 feet

How can you use the word measuring in a sentence?

To use the word measuring in a sentence you would have to ask it in a question. Example 1: Are you sure your measuring the right amount of flour for the bread? Example 2: Why are you measuring the height the door?

What is the measuring difference between height and length?

Both height and length are linear measurements. The units of measure are the same. Height -- not heighth -- is synonymous with altitude, and can be thought of as the distance above the ground, as in the height of a skyscraper or the height of a tall tree (or any tree, for that matter).

What do you use to measure the height of a tree?

probably either a yardstick or meterstick if you are measuring a big tree

What is the averag height of a maple tree?

On average, the maple tree height is 40 ft tall.

What is the average height of a tree?

The average height of a tree is dependent upon the type of tree. Some trees will only grow to an average height of 10 feet, while other trees grow to hundreds of feet tall.

How can the height of a tree be calculated?

It can easily be measured by using a protractor and measuring the angle between the ground and the top of the tree. You need to know exactly how far you are from the tree. Then you can use trigonometry to calculate the height of the tree. Tan (angle in degrees) = height of tree / distance from tree

Height of an oak tree?

The average height of an oak tree is mostly 60ft. or more but not as tall as some trees.

What is the height of a cocoa tree?

about 40 feet tall

How tall is the pine tree?

the pine tree is at a shocking height of 10m high

A tree is 174 centimeters tall what is the height of the tree in meters?

1m = 100cm, so 174cm = 1.74m tall.

What is the height of tree a meter or kilometer?

The height of a tree would best be measured in metres.

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