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I'm not completely sure but I've seen some big beetles.

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Q: What is the biggest bug?
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Worlds biggest bug?

the worlds biggest bug is a teranchilla

What is the biggest bug in the wold?

an whale

What is the biggest bug called?

Over centuries, scientist have discovered that the biggest bug is called a beetle. And from there on, no bigger bugs than beetles were found.

How much does the biggest bug weigh?

100 pounds

What is the biggest bug on animal crossing?

I think it is the peacock butterfly.

What is the biggest waterboat bug?

It is a waterboat beetle I think so ...

What is the biggest bug in Canada?

It is unknown what the largest bug in Canada is. However, it is believed that between Canada and the U.S. that the giant water bug is one of the largest insects.

What is the world's biggest bug?

I think its the Goliath Beetle5 miles long

What is the name of the biggest bug in Russia?

Amur giant water bug (Lethocerus deyrollei) is the name of the biggest bug in Russia. A bug technically must be a member of the Heteroptera suborder of the Hemiptera insect/true bugs order, whose largest-sized members are always giant water bugs such as the 1.9- to 2.6-inch (4.8- to 6.5-centimeter) invertebrate in question.

What is the largest bug ever?

I would have to say the bird eating tarantula is among the biggest

Where can one purchase Bug Out spray?

Bug out spray is not a very common brand in the market. Therefore, one can usually find bug out spray on Amazon, or even at the biggest department stores like Walmart or Target.

What's the world's biggest bug?

The goliath beetle, they measure 60-110 millimeters for males

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