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An electrical outlet that has 240 volts available for like an electric dryer or electric cooking range.

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Q: What is 240 volt outlet?
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Can you plug a 250 volt appliance to 240 volt outlet?

Yes, the rating on a 240 volt receptacle is 250 volts.

How do you switch a 120 volt outlet to 240 volt outlet?

You can operate 220-240 volt equipment from standard 110-120 volt outlets with quick220 divices.See related links below.

Can you connect a 240 volt washer and dryer stackable plug into a 120 volt outlet?

No. Don't do it. You need 240 volt supply.

Is it acceptable to use a 240 volt recepticle with a 110 volt appliance?

No, it is not you will burn up any 110 rated item in a 240 volt outlet

Can you plug in a 240 volt heater into a 220 outlet if you change out the plug to a 220?

There is 240 volts at the outlet not 220. People call it a 220 volt outlet but in reality it is 240 although you may only read 220 volts. They are really the same.

Can one leg of a 240 volt circuit be capped and the circuit breaker changed to make an existing 240 volt outlet into a 120 volt outlet?

Yes, you can always have heavier wire than code requires.

Can you plug a 125-250 volt appliance into a 120-240 volt outlet?

There is no problem making this connection.

Can you plug a 240 volt water heater into a 120 volt outlet?

It is unlikely that the plug will match the outlet, if you do hook a 240 v heater to 120 volts, you will only get about 1/4 the amount of heat.

Can you plug 240 volt appliance into 230 volt outlet?

Yes, the appliance rating is a nominal voltage withing the 220 to 240 volt range. The 240 volt rating usually represents the maximum amount of voltage that can be applied to the appliance.

Can you change wall plugs 110 volt systems to suit 240 volt appliances?

It is not just the outlet, but the wiring and breakers that need to be compatible with your 240 Volt appliance. Get an electrician to look at your requirement.

How do you retrofit a 240 Volt outlet?

First of all, what do you mean RETROFIT. a 240 outlet is a 240 volt outlet period. The difference is the amperage. A clothes dryer 30 amp. a range 50. and so on, each one has a different style recepticle (plug) I suggest you talk to an electrition . Oh and sorry about the spelling

What happens if you plug a 240 volt tv into 120 volt outlet?

The tv will not function properly The tv will not function properly

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