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well in sheet music they use math for the time to figure out the beat and how fast or slow the music is and how many notes in a measure.

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Q: When is math used in music?
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What you learnt from music?

Music helps you improve in math. I used to plat the violin and my teacher told me that. :)

Is math used in music?

es, math is used to keep count such as a quarter note is a 1/4 beat, and half note is 1/2, etc.

What is the math formula of music?

There is not a formula for music.

How is music an element of math?

No. But there are mathematical patterns that are used in music. And all sounds are vibrations. These vibrations can be decomposed into sets of sine curves.

If and how is music related to math?

it is not

How is mathematics related to music?

how is math related to music

How do you use math in music?


Do students in music programs do better at math?

Well it all depends, some people like music more than math, or math better then music. If music is something you love, or have a real good interest, it could excite you, then just sitting down using your brain to learn and complete math problems. If you listen to more music then just watching TV all day long yes, music program is able to help you in math. Depending how much effort you put in your math work :)

Do you use math when you play guitar?

Yes. You use math in all music.

What is Pythagoras most famous for doing in math?

1) his most famous and used therom in math the Pythagoras therom @ @ C^2 = A^2 +B^2 @ @ The discovery of the modern octave scale used in music

How is math used in math?

math is used to show people the different ways math can be used such as fractions or decimals you name it

Is math and music related?

YES....TO BE MORE EXACT MUSIC IS ALL MATH, MATH IS ALL MUSICMAth is music, music is math: they both have counting, fractions(4/4 time,or meter), and numbers in them-I like to call music the sounds or the soundings of Math(ematics)For the most part, if one wants to get a great grip on music, understanding the mathematical concepts of it will make the musical concepts a piece of cake-in a deep manor, to understand music theory, you need to understand its mathematics to a massively extreme extent(you cant really understand music, until you can understand its math)-music is more mathematical than music itself-Again, i like to call music: the sounds of math, or/and the equation of music-the notation themselves are symbols of mathematicsHope this helps-to get more info on this i insist in drum instructerRead more: How_is_math_related_to_music

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