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Q: Are dogs colorblind a form of a hypothesis?
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Witch colors are dogs colorblind from?

Dogs are not colorblind naturally, but if they have a problem and are colorblind it can be any color.

What kind of vision do dogs have?

They are colorblind-meaning they cant see colors.

Why are there more color blind males than color blind females?

The Color Blind Trait is an abnormality in the X chromosome. Sex is determined by the X and Y chromosomes Males have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome while Females have two X chromosomes and no Y chromosomes. Since the X chromosome carry's the Color Blind Trait a colorblind male and colorblind female would produce off-spring that would be 100 % colorblind, while a colorblind male and a female that carries the Colorblind Trait will produce females that will carry the color blind trait or be colorblind and a male has a 50% chance to be colorblind. If a non-colorblind male mates with a colorblind female there will be no chance of producing colorblind females but they will always produce carrier females and they will always produce colorblind males. If a colorblind male mates with a female that is not a carrier or colorblind there is a 100% chance that the females produce will be carriers and no chance that the males will be colorblind. To answer the question... it's all in the genetics and males must have a mother that is a carrier or colorblind to be colorblind in the first place because men do not inherit the X chromosome from their father.

How do you come up with a hypothesis for a lab?

The lab would be used to test your hypothesis to whether or not you were correct. You would first want to form a hypothesis and then gather data to support or discredit your hypothesis. The hypothesis could be testing anything essentially.

Scientist use observations and data to form and test a?


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