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velocity= distance/time

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2010-12-12 09:53:09
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Q: How are distance velocity and time related?
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Explain how distance time and velocity are related to each other?

They are related through the formula distance = time x velocity (assuming constant velocity).

How is the velocity-time graph related to the distance traveled?

The product of velocity and time yields distance travelled if the velocity is constant for the time in question. If velocity is not constant, one must first calculate the average velocity over a given time period before multiplying it by the time involved.

Why does velocity not depend on distance?

Velocity does depend on distance. Velocity = Distance/Time

What are some similarities between distance and speed?

( Velocity / distance / time ) Velocity (speed) = distance / time So > distance = velocity * time

Equations for velocity?

Velocity = distance / unit of time

If you know the velocity and the distance but not the time which way do you divide velocity divided by distance or distance divided by velocity?

distance divided by velocity will give time

How do you find time when you know the distance and the velocity?

distance/velocity = time

How calculate distance if you are given velocity and deceleration?

Velocity is distance over time, and acceleration is change in velocity over time. You can get the time by dividing deceleration by velocity (of course, taking the absolute value). From there, velocity equals distance over time. Distance is velocity * time.

How are acceleration and speed alike?

They are not alike but they are related. A positive acceleration means an increase in velocity (speed). A negative acceleration means a decrease in velocity. Velocity (speed) has the dimensions of distance / time. Acceleration has the dimensions of distance/time2 or velocity/time.

How do you find the distance from a velocity time graph?

Displacement is the area under the velocity-time graph. Refer to the related links for more information.

How do you find distance when you know the time and velocity?

Simple, velocity = distance by time ,which probably means distance = velocity X times.

What is the formula to find time in seconds from velocity and distance?

Distance divided by velocity = time

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