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Deceleration is shown on a time-velocity graph by the rate of change of the curve. Acceleration is equivalent to the first-order derivative of velocity.

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Q: How is deceleratin shown on a velocity time graph?
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What can be shown on a graph of velocity versus time?

Note that the graph can't show velocity, only speed. The slope of the graph is the magnitude of acceleration. The area under the graph is distance covered.

What are the advantages of velocity time graph?

What are the advantages of velocity- time graph?

What is a velocity time graph in detail?

A velocity time graph is still a velocity time graph - no matter the degree of detail that you look at it.

What does velocity and time graph represent?

velocity time graph shows the relation between velocity , time , and displacement.

When is velocity zero on a distance time graph?

On a distance time graph, velocity is measured as the gradient of the line. This is also the rate of change of the distance (if this question leads to calculus). So a velocity of zero is shown by a horizontal line (if linear) or by a turning point (in a non-linear graph)

How do you find the velocity in a velocity time graph?

Velocity time graph is the graphical representation of velocity of a body in motion in different instant of time.

How do you make an acceleration time graph from the data of a velocity time graph?

Plot the first derivative of the velocity time graph.

How do you find velocity on a position time graph?

The slope on a position-time graph is the velocity.

How do you find displacement on a velocity-time graph?

how to calculate displacement on a velocity time graph

How do you make a velocity vs time graph from an acceleration vs time graph?

Your acceleration vs. Time graph is the slope of your velocity vs. time graph

What does displacement divided by time give you?

The Average Velocity on a position time graph or a velocity time graph.

What information can be learned from a position-time graph and from a speed-time graph?

The slope of a position-time graph is velocity. The slope of a velocity-time graph is acceleration. Displacement also can be determined by determining the area under the slope of a velocity-time graph.

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