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A 400 watt heater can safely be used on a 15 amp circuit. The size breaker needed for a circuit is determined by the size of the wiring in that circuit. AWG #14 wire requires a 15 amp breaker. AWG # 12 wire requires a 20 amp breaker.

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Q: How many amps breaker is needed for a 400 watt heater?
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How many amps breaker is needed for 5400 watt heater?

On a 240 v supply the heater takes 22.5 amps so a 30-amp breaker is OK. On different voltages the current would be different.

How many amps breaker you need for a 5000 watts immersion heater?

To answer this question the voltage of the immersion heater is needed. I = W/E.

How many amp circuit breaker is needed for a 1000 watt 240 volt electric baseboard heater?

Watts = Amps x Volts. Amps = Watts/Volts = 4.16. The smallest breaker in a house panel is 15 amps. You will need a 2 pole 15 amp breaker. On a # 14 wire you can load that circuit up to 12 amps.

How many amps are needed to efficiently run a microwave?

It should be on a 20 amp breaker.

How many amp circuit breaker is needed for a 800 watt 240 volt electric baseboard heater?

800 watts/ 240 Volts = 3.34 amps 14AWG wire with a 15 amp will do

How many amp circuit breaker is need for a 4800 watt home heating water tank?

Running on 240 v the heater draws 20 amps so the curcuit breaker should be 25 or 30 amps.

How many amps needed for a 3000 watt 240 volt base board heater?

The equation that you are looking for is Amps = Watts/Volts.

How many amps needed to operate 1500 watt heater?

Depends on your supply voltage. I = P/V. Find out your supply voltage and divide it into 1500. This will give you your heater's current draw in amps.

How many amp breaker is needed for 4000 watts at 220 volts?

The equation that you are looking for is I = W/E. Amps = Watts / Volts.

How many amps does it take to trip a 15 amp breaker?

A 15 amp breaker will trip at 15 amps at an ambient temperature of 40 degree C. If the ambient temperature is higher the breaker will trip before 15 amps and if the ambient temperature is lower the breaker will trip after 15 amps.

How many volts can you draw off of a 15amp breaker?

It's the amps that are controlled by the breaker not the volts. You can have a 600 volt 15 amp breaker, you can have a 347 volt 15 amp breaker. The breaker will trip when you exceed 15 AMPS.

How many amps does a 2KW heater draw at 240 volts?

8.33 amps

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