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If the 1 cubic yard is in the form of a cube. Then its surface area is 6 square yards.

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Q: How many square yards are in 1 cubic yard?
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How many square yards in a cubic square yard?

There are cubic yards and there are square yards There are no cubic square yards. You can't convert square yards into cubic yards; one measures area, the other measures volume.

How many Cubic Yards are there in a Square yard?

Cubic yards is a measure of volume and square yards is a unit of area. The two are not directly convertible.

How many cubic yards in 1446 square yards?

A cubic yard is a unit of volume. A square yard is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many square yards are there in a cubic yard?

A square yard is a unit of area. A cubic yard is a unit of volume. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many square yards are in a cubic yard?

None. 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet 1 cubic foot = 0.037 cubic yard (rounded)

120 cubic feet equals how many cubic yards?

there are 3 feet in 1 yard and therefore 9 square feet in 1 square yard and 27 cubic feet in 1 cubic yard. 120/27= (4 and 4/9) cubic yards.

How many cubic feet in a square yard of concrete?

Cubic feet and square yards are different dimensions and cannot be equated.

How many cubic yards are in 420 square feet X 2 inches?

2.59259 cubic yard

How many square yards does 1 yard of landscape rock cover?

1 cubic yard of crushed rock fills 3/depth in feet square yards.

How many square feet are there in 3 yards?

9 square feet per yard x 3 =27 or 27 cubic feet per cubic yard

How many square yds in 10 cubic yds?

square yard is a unit of area and has no thickness. there would be an infinite number of square yards in 10 cubic yards. apples to oranges.

A square yard equals how many cubic feet?

Square yards or square feet and cubic feet or cubic yards do not convert. Square is a measurement of area, and cubic is a measurement of volume. One cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet, and 1 square yard equals 9 square feet. Sand, dirt, concrete, debris, etc. are measured in cubic yards. To determine how many square yards a cubic yard of something will cover, you must first determine how thick a layer will be. For instance, using a single cubic yard of concrete, a concrete slab 3 feet thick will cover an area of 9 square feet or 1 square yard, while that same cubic yard of concrete, if poured only 1 foot thick, would cover 27 square feet of area. The area covered cannot be converted directly to cubic units until the factor of depth is included in the calculation.

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