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No, a persons foot is about 25% longer then the hand.

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Q: Is your hand the same length as your foot?
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Is a foot the same thing as a linear foot?

They are both the same; a linear foot is a length of 1 foot or 12 inches. The word 'linear' is usually omitted when referring to a length.

What is the same about the hand and foot?

What is the same about the hand and the foot is, that they both have the same joints, they both have phalanges. There is more similarities that you can find somewhere else.

What was the problem in using the hand or the foot for measuring length in the olden days?

Not all people have hands and feet of the same size. As a standard, this sucks.

Is it true that the length from your wrist to your elbow is the same length as your foot?

No it isn't! Some people's may happen to be the same length, but my foot is over an inch longer! So this is not a universal rule.

How wide is a lineal foot?

A lineal foot is the same as a foot. It is a measure of length and has no width at all.

Should your foot be the same length as your arm?

This is a myth. sorry

What object has the same length of 30 centimeters?

A foot ruler.

What were some tools used to aid measurement?

The hand, foot, arms length, etc.

what is indigenous method of measurements of length?

hand span, arm span, foot, cubit

What is a sexual foot job?

a foot job is basically the same as a hand job except your using your foot instead.

Is one sq foot the same as one foot?

No, one foot, is a length or whatever, and one square foot is a square where each side is one foot

Why 30.48 use to change foot in cm?

Because 1 foot has the same length as 30.48 cm!

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