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A micrometer is one millionth of a meter. There are therefore one million micrometers in a meter.

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2014-03-04 17:42:29
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Q: One meter is equal to how many micrometers?
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One million what equal one meter?


How many micrometers equal 2.6 meters?

There are 1,000,000 micrometers in a meter (micro = one millionth), so 2.6 meters is equivalent to 2,600,000 micrometers.

How many micrometers are there in fifteen millimeters?

A micrometer is one millionth of a meter, a millimeter is one thousandth of a meter. So there are one thousand micrometers in a millimeter.

How many micrometers are in 0.000001 meter?

one micrometer

How many micro meter square in a meter square?

Since a meter has a million micrometers, it follows that a square meter has a trillion square micrometers.

How many micrometers in one milli meter?

millimetre = 1000 micrometres.

How large is 13 micrometers?

One micrometer is equal to one millionth of a meter, one ten thousandth of a centimeter, or one thousandth of a millimeter. Thirteen micrometers is equal to 0.13 of a millimeter. In other words, thirteen micrometers is very small. (However, nanometers are smaller. 13000 fit into one micrometer.)

One millimeters equals how many micrometers?

1 micrometer = 1 millionth of a meter 1 milimeter + 1 thousandth of a meter so there are 1000 micrometers in a milimeter

One million of what equal one meter?

one meter equal one million microns - aka "micrometers"

1 meter is the same as what kind of micrometer?

one meter = one million micrometers .

How many Kilometers are in 1.549 micrometers?

A micrometer is one millionth of a meter, a kilometer is 1000 meters. So you can see there are no kilometers in a micrometer, but there are one billion micrometers in a kilometer

How many micrometers are equal to one meter?

a micrometer is 1/1000 of a millimeter. That makes it 1/1000000 meter. (six zeros). Also, the word is used to describe an instrument used for measuring small distances.

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