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The prefix "kilo" is often used for 1000. It is an official SI prefix. In this case, you would say "kiloliter" (or "kilolitre"), which is the same as 1000 liters.

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Q: The metric representation for 1000 liters would be?
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What is the metric representation for 1000 liters?

1,000 liters = 1 cubic meter

How many liters makes one metric tones?

1 metric ton is 1000 kilograms.1 liter OF WATER is 1 1 metric ton is 1000 liters (of water).

How many gallons are there in 1 metric ton?

1 metric ton = 1000 kg Water weight = 1 kg / liter So 1000 liters of water weights 1000 kg. Convert liters to gallons: 1000 liters / 3.785 liters/gal So 264 gallons of water weighs 1 metric ton.

What is the weight of 1000 liters of water in metric measure?

1 ton or 1000 kilograms

How do you cenvert 1 ton metric to 1 liter?

i liter weighs one kilogram so a metric tonne would be equal to 1000 liters

What is the metric word for 1000 liters?

1 cubic meter (metre)

Is metric cups bigger then Liters?

'cups' is not a metric measurement. 1 Litre = 1000 Cubic Centimetres. 1000 Litres = 1 Cubic Metre.

How many liters of water in one metric ton?

1000 litres of water weigh 1 metric tonne.

What metric unit equals 1000 liters?

A kilolitre which is equivalent to a cubic metre.

What are liters and milliliters?

Liters and milliliters are metric units for volume. A liter is the same as a cubic decimeter; 1000 liters is the same as a cubic meter.

How many liters is 1 metric tons?

1 metric tonne = 1000 litres. But only when you mean pure water.

How many liters are 1 tone?

Depends. 1000 liters of water (standard temperature pressure) weighs one metric ton (1000 kg). On the other hand, about ten thousand liters of dry, uncompressed adult diapers weighs one metric ton.

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