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  • The SI unit for distance is meter (m)
  • The SI unit for speed is meter/second (m/s)
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2013-11-29 15:40:51
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Q: What are the SI units for distance and speed?
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What is the formula for speed and what is an example of speed in SI units?

One formula for speed is:Speed = (distance covered) divided by (time to cover the distance).The SI unit of speed is meter/second.

What are the SI units for length speed and velocity?

Distance: Meters (or metres) Speed & velocity (meters per second). velocity also needs a direction but that isn't defined by SI units.

What are the SI units for speed of light?

The speed of light is roughly 3x10^8 m/s in SI units.

The formula for calculating speed?

The formula states that speed is equal to the distance divided by the time. If you are using SI units, then the answer for speed is given in meters per second.

What is Speed and what are the SI units of speed?

m/sThe definition of speed it the time taken to cover a distance.The SI derived unit for speed is metres per second.we know , speed =distance /time .it means distance in m and time is taken in sec.and ratio is taken , which forms speed kin m /s.

What is the speed over a period of time?

Average speed = distance covered / time taken > SI units: metres per second (m/s)

What is an expression of distance in SI units?


What units for distance is an SI unit?


What does the si unit for speed stand for?

The International System of Units (SI) has two type of units, base units and derived units. Speed is a derived unit. Its unit is Meter/sec. Its a scalar quantity.

What are the SI units for distance and time?

meter and second

If you divide momentum by speed what units?

Mass. In SI units, that would be kg.

Combination of the SI base units used to measure quantities such as volume speed and pressure are called?

Derived SI units.

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