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V = Vo + at

X - Xo = Vot + .5at2

v2 = vo2 + 2a(X - Xo)

X - Xo = .5(Vo + V)t

V is final velocity in units of meters per seconds (m/s)

Vo is initial velocity in units of meters per seconds (m/s)

a is acceleration in units of meters per squared seconds (m/s2)

t is time in seconds (s)

X is final displacement in units of meters (m)

Xo is initial displacement in units of meters (m)

Multiple unknowns can be solved for each other by using more than one equation. If you are solving for two components, find a common piece (such as time), solve for that piece for each component and set them equal to each other to solve for the other unknowns.

Hope this helps!

p.s. sometimes it is easier to remember the second, third and fourth equations as

2. df - dI = vIt + .5at2

3. v2=vI2+2a(df - di)

4. df - dI = .5(vI + vf)t

its all the same except x has been switched with the first letter of displacement, and the 0 have been switched with i for initial. f is for final

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Q: What are the kinematic equations?
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