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He made no discoveries that directly support the heliocentric theory, but his discovery of the moons of Jupiter, circling Jupiter and not the Earth, opened the way to questions about what else might not be orbiting the Earth, like the Sun, for example. Some one hundred years after Galileo's time it was found that the Sun is in fact at the centre, but in Galileo's time science did not possess the knowledge to settle that question.

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Q: What discoveries by Galileo support the heliocentric?
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Did Galileo's findings support a geocentric or heliocentric theory?

Galileo supported Copernicus's heliocentric theory

Who used a telescope to make discoveries supported the heliocentric model?


Who use the telescope to make discoveries that supported heliocentric models?


Who used a telescope to make discoveries that supported the heliocentric model?


The scientist who first used a telescope to make discoveries that supported the heliocentric model was?

Galileo Galilei . He only helped support the theory through his observations , he didn't invent the model, Copernicus did.

Galileo found evidence to support what theory?

Heliocentric theory

What discoveries by Galileo support the helicentric model?

None, but Galileo's discoveries demonstrated faults with the old Ptolemaic system. These faults were removed in Tycho Brahe's model, which was also geocentric. However the heliocentric theory of Kepler, using elliptical orbits for the planets, was eventually accepted by everyone, but that happened many years after Galileo's lifetime.

Who was Galileo and what did he do How did he prove the heliocentric theory?

He was an Italian scientist of the 17th century. He did not prove the heliocentric theory. But everyone accepts the heliocentric principle now, after it was proved right; but that happened long after Galileo's time, after new scientific discoveries in the latter half of the 1600s.

Did Galileo's findings support a geocentric or heliocent theory?

Galileo made important discoveries in dynamics but he contributed little to the debate about the geocentric and heliocentric theories. His quarrel with the church caused a polarisation that was seized on by the reformed protestant church which liked to claim that the catholics were opposed to the truth. But the heliocentric theory was not shown to be the right one until about 100 years after Galileo's time.

What evidence did Galileo discover to support the Copernican heliocentric model?

everything (trollface)

How did these discoveries help support the heliocentric theroy?

You need to say which theories you are asking about.

In what ways did the astronomical observations of Galileo support a heliocentric cosmology?

There are two major astronomical observations of Galileo that supported a heliocentric cosmology. Galileo observed that Jupiter had moons orbiting it and that Venus had phases like the Moon.

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