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Ask anyone from outside the US what system of weights and measures is used in his country.

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Q: What is a quick way to remember the metric system?
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What is the easy way to remember the metric system?

King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk

Who metric system was developed by?

The metric system was devolved by the Mayans as a way to properly use there calender.

Who was the metric system developed by?

The metric system was devolved by the Mayans as a way to properly use there calender.

How can you quickly Covert values given in the conventional system to the metric system?

There is no quick way, unless you have done a thousand of them in the past week.You just have to know or look up the conversion factor for each set of units, and slog through it.And by the way . . . the metric system IS the 'conventional system' almost everywhere except in a fewbackward, not to say 'arrogant', countries.

Why is metric the way it is?

The metric system was deliberately designed to be easier to use and understand.

The metric system is also called what?

Answer: as far as i know there is no other way to say the metric system besides the metric system! Answer: There are several "metric systems"; the version that is used internationally is called "SI", an acronym for "International System" in French.

How old is the metric system?

The Metric system is just over 200 years old. I hope that is what you were looking for:) by the way that i smiley

What is the English way of measurement?

the metric system/SI

What does a metric ruler do?

a metric ruler is a different way of measuring things and with measuring there is the English system (inches feet etc) and the metric system (centimeters meters etc)

Why is the metric system the best way to measure?

it is a base 10 measurement system.

Are inches part of the metric system?

No, Inches are part of the American "Customary" system...Metric is way easier to use but America refuses

What problems would be created if the US switched to the metric system?

None at all. The metric system is the only logical way to go.

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