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To convert foot pounds to inch pounds, multiply by 12.

To convert inch pounds to foot pounds, divide by 12.

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Q: What is the conversion factor of inch pounds to foot pounds?
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What is the conversion from 25 inch pounds to foot pounds?

25 inch pounds force = 2.083 foot pounds.

What is the conversion from 125 inch pounds to foot pounds?

twelve inch pounds equal one foot pound . so 125 inch pounds are about 10 foot lbs.

What is the conversion factor of pounds per inch to Kilograms per mm?

The conversion factor is 0.01786

What are Inch pounds compared to foot pounds?

The conversion between inch pound and foot pounds are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . So, 1 foot pounds =12 inch pounds .

What is in-lb to ft-lb conversion?

12 inch pounds per foot pound.

What is 14.751243 foot-pounds in inch-pounds?

14.751243 Foot-Pounds is equal to 177.014916 Inch-Pounds. 1 Foot-Pound = 12 Inch-Pounds 14.751243 Foot-Pounds * 12 Inch-Pounds = 177.014916 Inch-Pounds.

How many inch pounds is 30 foot pounds?

There are 360 Inch-Pounds in 30 Foot-Pounds 1 Foot-Pound = 12 Inch-Pounds 30 Foot-Pounds * 12 Inch-Pounds = 360 Inch-Pounds

How many foot pounds are there in 165 inch pounds?

1 foot = 12 inch 165 inch pounds = 165/12 foot pounds = 13.75 foot pounds

What is the square factor from a square inch to a square foot?

The conversion factor to change an area in square inches to square feet is 1 square inch is equal to 0.0069427252080 square foot. So, 100 square inches is equal to 0.69427 square feet using this conversion factor.

How do you convert 168 inch pounds to foot pounds?

168 inch pounds = 14 foot pounds.Formula: inch pounds x 0.0833 = foot pounds.

How do you convert inch pounds to foot pounds?

Multiply inch-pounds by 0.083 to get foot-pounds.

What is 168 inch pounds in foot pounds?

168 inch-pounds = 14 foot-pounds

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