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The metal's density is 7.9 g/mL

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Q: What is the density of an unknown metal that has a mass of 158g and a volume of 20 ml?
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What is the density of a unknown metal that has a mass of 158g and a volume of 20ML?


What is density of the unknown metal that has of mass 158g and volume of 20mL?

7.9g (Grams)

What is the density of a metal that has a mass of 158G?

Density = Mass/Volume. Without information about the volume it is not ossible to answer the question.

What is unknown metal of 158g?


What metal has a mass of 158g and a volume of 20mL?

What your tutor wants here is to find out is if, from the information given, you can determine the nature of the metal.Which you should be able to do. You should first determine the specific gravity, the weight in grams per cubic centimetre.And then explore the metals you know of to find one with similar density.158 / 20 = 7.9 g/cc. (Or since there are 1000 000 cc in a m3, multiply by 1 000 000.) which gives us 7.9000 tonnes/cubic metre.In a list of density of the elements, iron comes in at 7.87 tonnes per m3.Which for the present purposes looks a good candidate.

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The molar mass of water (H2O) is 18. Ice is water in it's solid state.

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Na2S2O3 That's 2 sodiums at 23 each, 2 sulfurs at 32 each, and 3 oxygens at 16 each. 23+23+32+32+16+16+16=158g/mol.

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Potassium permanganate, or KMnO4, has a molar mass of 158g/mol. (39+55+16x4). % composition of K: 39/158=0.247=24.7%. % composition of Mn: 55/158=0.348=34.8%. % composition O: 64/158=0.405=40.5%.

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