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Armon Owens Cy-Falls High School. 10.43 100 meter undefeated

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2011-03-18 22:58:47
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Q: What is the fastest high school 100 meter track record?
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What is the fastest mile run in high school track for boys?

The record for the fastest mile run the high school track is 3.53.43.

Who has the fastest time for an 11 yr old in the 400 meter?

There is no record for 11 year olds for track

What is the middle school boys' track record in the 1600?

the record for middle school boys 1600 meter run is 5.55.1

Who is the fastest person on track and field?

Depends what track and field event you are talking about. But the fastest man in track in field is Usain Bolt. He ran the 100 meter dash in 9.69 seconds setting a new world record.

Who runs the fastest in one direction?

Pretty sure Liam does. He did track in school and at one point had a record.

Worlds fastest 3000 meter run?

he 3000 meter run, is considered as the shortest distance race in the track. The Fastest time for Men's 3000 Meter race is 7:20.67. It is a world record and was made by Daniel Komen of Kenya on 9th January, 1996. Gagan saini

What is the fastest mile run in a high school track meet?

Jim Ryun has the fastest mile time in a high-school only track meet. Alan Webb, holds the high-school boy's record at 3:53.43, but this was set in 2001 at the Prefontaine Classic, which is a professional meet.

What horse has the second fastest track record at the Belmont?


What is the fastest middle school 100 meter time girls?

is 13.6 sec good for a sixth grader they have moved her up to eight grade track can her time get better in the 100 meter

What is the high school record for running a mile?

Jim Ryun has the fastest mile time in a high-school only track meet. His hand-time was 3:58.

What is the high school track and field 4 x 100 meter record?

Fort Worth OD Wyatt - 1998 - 39.76 seconds.

Women's 800 meter world track record?


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