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Area = 1/2*(2.4+3.6)*height = 9m2

Multiply both sides by 2 and add up the numbers in the brackets:

6*height = 18

Divide both sides by 6 to find the height:

Height = 3m

Check: 1/2*(2.4+3.6)*3 = 9m2

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2011-02-18 14:46:54
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Q: What is the height of a trapizoid with an area of 9m2 and bases that measure 2.4m and 3.6m?
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What is formula for area of a parallelogram?

Area = base * height(height being the vertical measure, not the sloped measure)Area = base * height(height being the vertical measure, not the sloped measure)

What is the area of a trapezoid if the meausure of the base is 8 and the height is 5?

Area of a trapezoid = 0.5*(sum of parallel bases)*height Need to know the measure of the other base

What is the unknown base of a trapizoid if the area equals 21 the second base equals 5 and the height equals 2cm?

It is: 16 cm.

How do you find the height of a trapezoid given the area and bases?

Multiply the area by 2 and then divide it by the sum of its bases which will result to its height.

How do you find the height of a trapezoid using the area and two bases?

The height can be found by dividing the area by the sum of the bases and multiplying the result by 2

What is the height of an acre?

0. An acre is a measure of area: it has a length and a breadth but not a height.

Can a square and a trapizoid ever have the same area?

Yes. For example, if the square's side length was 10, the area would be 100. If the trapezoid's two base lengths were 5 and 20, and the height was 8, the area would be 100.

How do you find the perimeter and area of similar figures?

Area: rectangle length times width Area: triangle 1/2base times height Area: trapizoid 1/2 (base1 plus base2) perimeter add up the sides

What is the area of a trapezoid whose bases are 7 and 10 and height is 10.6?

Area = average of bases * height = (7 + 10)/2 * 10.6 = 8.5*10.6 = 90.1 sq units.

How do you get the height of the trapezoid if you only have the area?

Divide area by one half of the sum of the bases. You need to know base lengths to get height

How do you find surface area of a prism?

To find the area of a prism, you have to first find the area of the base and multiply it by 2 (because there are 2 bases). Then, find the perimeter of the base and multiply it by the height of the prism. Lastly, add the area of the bases and the perimeter x height value to get the area of the prism. ** if the prism is a cylinder, do the same thing, finding the area of the circles (bases) and multiplying the height x circumference.

Trapezoid has bases of 9 in and 7 in and height of 5 what is the area?

The answer is 40.

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