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You need 12.5 Amps. For a continuous load you want to only have 80% of the current which would be 12 Amps. Best to go with a 20 Amp breaker.

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2012-06-22 11:32:41
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Q: What size circuit breaker for 1500 Watt heater?
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What size breaker for a 1500 watt 120 volt heater?

15 amp

How many amps breaker is needed for a 400 watt heater?

A 400 watt heater can safely be used on a 15 amp circuit. The size breaker needed for a circuit is determined by the size of the wiring in that circuit. AWG #14 wire requires a 15 amp breaker. AWG # 12 wire requires a 20 amp breaker.

What size wire for 1500 watt heater?

AWG 12/2 with ground on a dedicated circuit with a 20 amp breaker. That will safely supply 1920 watts of continuous power.

What size wire for 120v 1500 watt heater?

AWG 12/2 with ground on a dedicated circuit with a 20 amp breaker. That will safely supply 1920 watts of continuous power.

How big of a circuit breaker needed for two 1500 watt that are 240 volts?

A 30 amp breaker wired with AWG #10 wire.

What size breaker should be used for 1500 watt bathroom exhaust fan heater?

20 amp breaker 12 gauge wire assuming its 120 volt

Can you plug a 1500 watt heater in to a regular apartment outlet?

A 1500 Watt heater will pull about 12.5 Amps. Tour circuits in apartment will be 15 A and 20 A. Provided you don't have too much of a load on the same circuit, it should work.

Can a 1000 watt generator run a 1500 watt ceramic heater?

A 1000 watt generator cannot run a 1500 watt ceramic heater without having problems.

Can I hook up a 1500 watt heater and a 300 watt heater on the same 220 volt 15 amp circuit?

You can draw up to 3,300 watts from a 220V 15 Amp circuit. So the 1,800 watts you are drawing is fine.

What size wire and breaker is needed to wire an electric garage heater?

Electric garage heaters come in several sizes. A 1500 Watt 120 volt plug in heater would need a 15 amp circuit with 14 gauge wire for temporary use. A 5000 watt 240 volt heater would need a dedicated 25 amp circuit breaker and a 10 gauge wire. Every home is different and this is intended as a general reference only. Seek competent professional advice for your specific application.

How many amps does a 1500 watt heater use?

if it's a 240v heater. 1500/240=6.25amps.

What is the wattage on a welbilt oil filled space heater?

Selectable 600 Watt, 900 Watt, or 1500 Watt

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