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#2 wire copper

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Q: What size service entrance cable is used for 100 amp service?
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What is the size of cable to be used for lighting circuits?

Typically residential and many commercial applications use a 15 amp service for lighting circuits. They use 14 AWG wire.

What wire should be used in a conduit?

Generally cable - size depends on the load

What determines the size of service entrance equipment and number of branch circuits used in a residential home?

Electricians use a service entrance calculation to figure what size entrance to use. There are computer generated programs that you input all the information on the home such as rooms and sizes then it will give you the size, then this is checked against the local codes officer to make sure they agree with the service. The old fashioned way can be done but the program is faster. So all the rooms, and sizes and equipment that are in a home determine what size is to be used. Although computer programs may be faster, you would still be required to know how to do these calculations yourself on a licensing exam. Load calculations are based on the square footage of a building and type of occupancy, plus special loads added to that. You must follow the current version of the National Electrical Code: Article 220 Branch Circuit, Feeder, and Service Calculations. Article 210 Branch Circuits give requirements for the number of branch circuits.

What wire size is used in the 60 amp low voltage cable?

#6 AWG50sqmm Al cable can carry 60 amps safely up to 150mtrs. If distance increases size should increase

What size equipment grounding conductor is used with the following sizes of nonmetallic sheathed cable?


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What are the metals used for electrical wiring?

Aluminum and copper. Copper is used for wiring inside buildings. Aluminum is used for service entrance cable and transmission line.

can service entrance wire be used for a stove?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.It is not a recommended procedure. Depending on what size service entrance cable it is the wire size will be too large to fit into the breaker and range lugs. Cutting strands off of a larger size wire to fit into the lugs is not acceptable. If this is new construction then the electrical inspector will reject the installation for not using the properly sized cable to feed the range. Use the proper size cable and feel free that there is not going to be any problems further on. The wire should be 3 conductor #8 fed from a two pole 40 amp breaker.

The most commonly used wiring method is?

The most commonly used wiring method for residential use is called nonmetallic sheathed cable. Other types of wiring methods are knob and tube, as well as service entrance cable.

What size ground wire is needed for 600 amp service?

Notes: 1. Where multiple sets of service-entrance conductors are used as permitted in Section 230-40, Exception No. 2, the equivalent size of the largest service-entrance conductor shall be determined by the largest sum of the areas of the corresponding conductors of each set. 2. Where there are no service-entrance conductors, the grounding electrode conductor size shall be determined by the equivalent size of the largest service-entrance conductor required for the load to be served. 1 This table also applies to the derived conductors of separately derived ac systems. 2 See installation restrictions in Section 250-64(a).

What size cable is required for 220 v with twin 30 amp breakers?

#10 wire is used on a 30 amp service.

How calculate the cable size when give current?

The NEC has a table that shows what size cable to use with each amperage and where it can be used.

What size cable is used for house wiring?

Copper SE cable gauge 00 from the meter socket to the breaker panel for a 200A service. Then 8, 10, 12, and 14 gauge wire depending on the load.

What is the standard channel size used by both cable and wireless modems?

What is the standard channel size used by both cable and wireless modems?Read more: What_is_the_standard_channel_size_used_by_both_cable_and_wireless_modems

What size of cable is to used for 1000W lamp?


What size coax cable be used for cable television?

The best size is RG 6 coax. However for short runs RG 59 will work.

What are some uses for fiber cable?

Fiber cable, or fiber optic cable, is primarily used to transmit bandwidth. Cable service providers and internet service providers use these cables to transmit their services to devices, such as modems and cable box units in consumers' homes.

Formula for working out cable size?

There is actually no specific formula used to work out cable size. In order to determine the type of cable you need and the size you need, you need to know the source of the supply, the voltage of the system, the ambient temperature, and the method you plan on laying out the cable.

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