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A 300 MCM copper conductor, with a voltage drop of 3%, is needed when supplying 50 amps for 600 feet on a 120 volt system.

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2011-10-20 17:48:21
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Q: What size wire to you need to carry 50 amps 120v 600 feet?
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How many watts in 120v 60Hz?

You need amps

How many watts in 120v-60Hz?

You need amps

How big would wire need to be to carry 20 amps at 100 feet?

12 AWG.

600 watts requires how many amps?

It depends on the voltage source. watts = voltage * voltage / resistance and amps = voltage / resistance example 1: To produce 600W from a 120V source, you need a resistor of size 120V*120V/600W = 24 Ohm. This would pull 120V/24 Ohm = 5 amps. example 2: To produce 600W from a 240V source, you need a resistor of size 240V*240V/600W = 96 Ohm. This would pull 240V/96 Ohm = 2.5 amps.

How many amps to run a 50 watt bulb?

At what voltage? Until you tell me the voltage I can't give you an answer. To find out Amps you need to divide the Watts by the Volts. At 120V you have 0.4 amps. At 12V you have 4 amps.

What wire gauge do you need for 100 amps?

To carry 100 amps you would need to use AWG-1.

What size wire do you need to carry nineteen amps for two hundred feet at two hundred forty volts ac?

10 guage

What size wire do you need to feed a 5 amp load run 1500 feet from the main at 120v?

A #3 copper conductor will limit the voltage drop to 3% or less when supplying 5 amps for 1500 feet on a 120 volt system.

Maximum amps for 12 gauge wire?

It depends upon the distance, but typically a short to medium run (0-50 feet) of 12 gauge can carry 20 amps safely. There are charts that list the gauge of wire and the length of runs that can carry amperages safely. For instance, a 12 gauge wire run 150 feet can only carry 15 amps safely instead of 20. The longer the run, you need to drop a gauge as a general rule.

Need C amps at garage the distance is 150 feet using 220 volts what is correct wire size to use?

Wire is sized by the amperage that it is allowed to legally carry. To answer this question the amperage that you need at the garage must be stated.

Does an electric stove burner use 220 or 110?

The burners will most likely be 240V. By keeping the range at 240 volts it will use less amps that at 120V. Say a range and oven is rated at 9000 watts. Watts = amps x volts. 9000/240V = 37.5 amps. 9000/120V = 75 amps. As you can see at 120 volts the amperage is double over 240 volts. You would need a 100 amp breaker and #4 wire to accomodate the range on 120 volts.

What size in square mm copper wire will be required to carry 26 amps?

You will need a 40 amp breaker using AWG # 8 wire running it a distance of no more than 50 feet.

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