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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Which metric prefixes make a standard metric unit smaller?
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Why was the metric system made?

Because it is easierThe metric system was created to set a standard. The standard is how to get from one unit of the metric system to another unit by knowing how many of each unit is in another unit. The system was created to make things easier when it comes to measurements.

When you make the circle smaller which number in the standard equation for a circle centered at the origin decreases?

The radius of the circle decreases when you make the circle smaller.

What are the benefits of using a metric conversion calculator online?

A metric conversion calculator can make the comparison between metric and U.S. Standard units much easier to understand and much faster than doing the work by hand.

What is Hundredth in metric prefixes?

The prefix is "centi" and is common to SI units, hence: One hundredth of a meter is a centimeter. One hundred centiliters make one liter.

Why do scientists prefer using the metric system rather than the English system to make measurements?

1) It is an international standard, so all scientists use the same measurements. For comparison, for example, different countries have different definitions of a pound. 2) Calculations are easier, because of the decimal prefixes.

How are mm and cm alike?

They are both units to make a linear measurement. They are both metric units. MM are smaller than CM

What are units of mass in the metric system?

Milligram and Gram.Answer 2Yes, the above but the gram is the basic unit and like all metric measurements has prefixes added to make the unit larger or smaller. So, a milligram is 1/1000th of a gram, a kilogram is 1000 grams, a decigram is 100th of a gram, a decagram is 100 grams, etc, etc.AnswerIt depends on what you mean by the 'metric system'. If you mean the 'SI system', then the base unit for mass is the kilogram. If, on the other hand, you are referring to one of the earlier metric systems, the cgsA system, then the base unit for mass is the gram.

Which metric prefixes make a standard metric unit larger?

The size of a standard unit doesn't change. "deca..." as a prefix means "10 of them" "hecto..." as a prefix means "100 of them" "kilo..." means "1,000 of them" (103) "mega..." means "1 million of them" (106) "giga..." means "1 billion of them" (109) "tera..." means "1 trillion of them" (1012) "petta..." means "1 quadrillion of them" (1015) "exa..." means "1 quiuntillion of them" (1018) "zetta..." means "1 sextillion of them" (1021) "yotta..." means "1 septillion of them" (1024)

Prefixes of responsible?

Prefixes are added to the beginning of a word. This is to make a new word.

Function of a metric ruler?

To make metric measurements...

When you make the circle bigger or smaller which number of thte standard equation for a circle centered at the origin changes?

The Radius

How do you make your text small for your signature on

Using BBC Code of course. The standard text size on is 10 pt so using this code, [size=9] text here [/size] will make it smaller. You can substitute the 9 for a smaller number to make the text smaller.

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