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The most reasonable unit of measure would be tons

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Q: Which unit of measure would be reasonable to use for the weight of a truck?
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What is something you'd measure in weight?

You would measure something in weight depending on the situation, for example, you would measure the weight of moving boxes to make sure that the truck isn't overloaded. Most people measure themselves with height and weight.

What would i use to measure the weight of a car?

You could use the scales at a truck stop

Would you use grams or kilograms to measure the weight of a truck?

kilograms because grams are smaller than kilograms.

What is the meaning of combined gross weight of a truck?

That would be the weight of the truck and the cargo.

How do you measure weight?

How you would measure weight is is with a scale

How many cups sugar in 5 lb?

A reasonable estimate would be about 9 cups. Cups is a measure of volume. Pounds is a measure of weight and mass. You can not directly convert the two.

What is the weight limit on an ATV truck rack?

The weight limit on an ATV truck rack can be found on the websites that sell ATV truck racks. The weight would depend on the size of the rack & truck.

What most reasonable measure for the height of your desk?

It would be feet

Which physical would you measure with a spring scale?

You would measure weight.

What unit of capacity would be most reasonable to measure a can of applesauce?

Millilitres would be the most appropriate measure.

What metric unit would you use to measure the weight of a grasshopper?

You would use the gram to measure the weight of a grasshopper

What is the gross weight of an empty 5 yard dump truck?

It's a trick question. The gross weight would be the loaded weight (combined weight of both the truck itself AND its load). The empty weight would be the net or TARE weight.

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