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Q: Who used a telescope to prove the sun center theory of the universe?
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How did Galileo prove earth wasn't the center of the universe?

He invented the optical telescope.

What theory was Galileo trying to prove by using the telescope?

he wasn't trying to prove a theory.

What instrument did Galileo use to prove Copernicus theory?

The telescope

Why did Newton invent the reflecting telescope?

He invented the reflecting telescope to prove that his theory on lights was true.

What did Copernicus prove about the Universe?

That the earth was not the center of it.

Did Copernicus prove that the sun is the center of the universe?

No. He was the first in Western society to legitimately propose that the sun was the center, but it took others to prove it. The sun is not the center of the universe, merely the center of our solar system.

What Theory proves that earth is the center of the solar system?

No theory proves this. Everyone back in the dark ages believed the Earth to be the center of the universe, but could never prove it. It took one "rogue" scientist to find out that Earth was not the center of everything.

How did galileos telescope sightings go against traditional European thought?

Becuase every one thought that the earth was the center of the universe (religion) and he tried to prove them wrong but they were to powerful with their numbers

Did Nicolas Copernicus use a telescope to prove his theory?

Nicolas Copernicus did not use a telescope, the use of the telescope to study the solar system was not done until over 50 years later by Galileo.

How can you prove the big bang theory is real?

we can prove big bang theory through the expansion of universe ,through red shifts of galaxies and cosmic back ground radiation

What was Ptolemy's theory?

Ptolemy's theory accounted mathematically for the movement of the planets, Sun and Moonand the stars.However, Ptolemy thought the Earth is the center of the universe, which is wrong. Galileo helped prove that the Sun is the center of our solar system by the use of his homemade telescope. Ptolemy thought that the Sun, planets, and stars rested on crystal spheres that revolved around Earth. Ptolemy had toput in things called "epicycles" and other ideas, to make his system work.

What invention used by Galileo helped prove Copernicus theory that the earth revolves around the sun?

The astronomical telescope.

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