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Q: Would an electrical fire happen if the circuit breaker was off?
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Why would a circuit of electrical outlets not work - the breaker is OK?

Somewhere you have a loose or broken connection.

How do circuit breaker keep the wires in a electrical circuit from overheating?

A circuit breaker is designed to 'break' in a circuit if a short circuit (or other malfunction) occurs. This prevents overheating (or burn-out) of the circuit wires. In older systems, you would need to find which fuse wire has fused and replace it. In a circuit breaker, once the fault has been found and corrected, the breaker is simply switched back on.

How long is the main ring?

If you are talking about an electrical ring main it can be as long as you want it as long as it returns back to the circuit breaker with the other end of the cable, which if you didn't return the 2nd end of the cable to the circuit breaker you would have a radial circuit.

How do you repair circuit breaker?

Only the manufacturer would be qualified to repair a circuit breaker. Any breaker in your home would be cheaper to replace than repair.

Should you use a 20 or 15 amp breaker?

Breaker size is dependent on the wire size used for the electrical circuit, for example a 15 amp breaker would protect a 14awg circuit and trip when a load of approximately 1800 watts is exceeded. A 20 amp breaker would protect a 12awg circuit and trip when the load exceeds approximately 2400 watts. These examples assume a voltage of 120vac.

What causes a circuit breaker to switched off?

The need to de energize the circuit the breaker is feeding is a cause to have a circuit breaker switched off. If you are referring to a breaker tripping off, the cause would be from an overload condition being applied to the circuit, the breaker sensing it and shutting the circuit off.

What would cause a circuit breaker heating element to trip off?

There are two conditions that would cause a breaker to trip off. One is an overload of the circuit and the other is a short circuit on the circuit. The heating element within the breaker is what monitors for circuit overloads.

Found 2 wires on a single circuit breaker why?

If it was two wires under one screw on a single-pole breaker, that would not be proper, and most probably against electrical code.If it was two wires, each under their own screw on a double-pole breaker, then that would be a 220 volt circuit; each wire going to its own "leg" of the breaker panel.

Why would circuit breaker fail?

circuit breaker do get fail if and only if the relay does not respond to the fault occurring in the system !!

What would cause a short periodic low hum to come from a circuit breaker?

A bad circuit breaker. Replace it.

What is an example of a circuit interrupter?

An example of a circuit interrupter would a fuse or circuit breaker.

What would happenif you put an 8 amp circuit-breaker in a power circuit?

The circuit would be protected up to 8 amps before the breaker would trip. Any more that 8 amps and the circuit would open and shut the circuit off.

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