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Blue = 10 - 0.75*Green.

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Blue = 10-0.75

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Q: A blue suitcase weighs 10 pounds less three-fourths the weight of a green suitcase.write an expression that you can use find the weight of the blue suitcase .?
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Robins suitcase weighs 680 ounces what is the weight in pounds?

To convert from ounces to pounds, divide the ounces by 16.

WHAT unit of mass would be best to weigh a heavy suitcase?

Kilograms (apex learning)

Can you put 1 million dollars in 1 dollar bills in a suitcase?

I would say no. Even if it was a giant suitcase, you couldn't lift it (it would, being accurate here, weigh within 2 pounds of a metric ton).

How do you write the variable expression the number of pounds in x ounces?

'x' ounces = x/16 pounds

Write an algebraic expression that tells how many ounces are in x pounds?

ounces =16 x (pounds)

What is the expression of this problem 60 pounds less than five times Bob's weight w?

This problem can be expressed as 5w-60. If Bob weighs 100 pounds, then the solution to the expression would be 440.

How many pounds for carry on luggage?

Varies by airline; some are 40 pounds, others are 51 pounds. But .. there are also size limitations that you need to be aware of. That 40 pound suitcase that is five feet long is not going to be allowed as carry on luggage.

What weight does the average suitcase support?

Most suitcases support fifty pounds, although some shell suitcases can hold 150 lbs.

How do you write an expression for number of pounds in 160 ounces?

P = 160/16

What is the variable expression to represent the number of pounds in y ounces?


What is estimate of Average weight of packed suitcase 26 by 16 by 12?

My scale says about 42 pounds for my 28x18x9 suitcase. It seems heavier than that. I am going to take it to a commercial scale and have it weighed to make sure, and avoid paying $90 for an overweight bag!

Write an expression for number of pounds in 160 ounces?

160ounces/(16 ounces/lb) = X lbs = 10 pounds

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