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Center. For example, if the point in the center of the circle was point O, then the circle would be named circle O.

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Q: A circle is named by its?
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Is a circle named by its center?

No it's made by the circle that how they get the circle not the center.

Is a circle named by two points in the circle?

It is typically named using one point, which is the center. Sometimes, a circle could be referred to "a circle with diameter AB" in which two points are named. However, you need three non-collinear points to uniquely determine a circle.

Who is the radius of a circle named after?

The radius is not named after any person.

How do you name a circle?

A circle is named by it's center point. For instance, let's say you have a circle, complete with chords, radii, a central angle, a center point, etc., etc. We'll say the central point is named "R." Therefore, your circle is named "Circle R."

Who is the Columbus Circle in New York named after?

The Columbus Circle in New york is named after Christoper Columbus. This circle was completed in 1905. Columbus Circle is a must see landmark and iconic attraction in the city.

Who discovered the circle?

Euclid discovered the circle and he named his geometry "Euclidean geometry "

A part of a circle named its endpoints?

ARC is the answer

A part of a circle named by its endpoints?


What did the lady named dot live on?

a circle

What is a part of a circle named by either two or three points on the circumference of the circle?

An arc.

Do you name a circle by the points on the circle Like a line segment is named by it's two end points how is a circle named By it's center Point?

You can completely specify a circle in a plane by giving the coordinates of its center point, and the length of the radius.

The country of Ecuador is named after which circle of latitude?


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