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53.1086 cubic cm

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Q: An ice cream cone has a diameter of 4.2cm and a height if 11.5cm what is the volume of the cone?
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How do you calculate density of dairy cream?

You find the volume and the weight of the cream. The weight should be easy using a scale. The volume can be found by taking a container of water. If it is marked (indicating cups or deciliters) fill it so the cream can go under water. Note the height of water, put in cream, note new height of water. The difference is the volume of the cream. If container not marked, fill it the the rim, put in cream, collect water that is spilled, measure volume of spilled water (=volume of cream). . The density is weight per volume. (E.g. 20 grams/1.2 deciliters)

An ice cream cone has a radius of 2. 5 cm and a height of 12 cm. What is the volume of the cone?

50 cubic cm

When was Live Cream Volume II created?

Live Cream Volume II was created in 1972.

What is the measure the capacity of caton of cream?

Cream comes in several sized cartons. You can get a cup of cream, a pint of cream, or a quart of cream. These are measurements of volume rather than mass, since liquids are measured by volume.

What decreases the volume and stiffness of whipped cream?

A splash of milk, it won't reduce the volume but will make whipped cream softer

What is the volume of 8 oz of cream cheese?

8 oz. is the volume.

What to use when measuring Ice cream?


What happens to the volume of milk when it turns to ice cream?

the volume of milk when it turns into ice cream decreases as the milk gets thicken by boiling

When do you use 30 volume cream developer?

30 Volume Cream Developer is generally used for high-lift color, blonding, and bleaching.

Does clumping decrease the volume and stiffness of whipped cream?

No, clumping does not decrease the volume or the stiffness of whipped cream. In fact, the fat clumping is what gives it the smooth, thick texture that makes whipped cream what it is.

What is the biggest ice cream cake in the world?

48.2 feet in diameter

What volume of developer should be mixed with bleach?

Mix with 20 or 30 Volume Cream.

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