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How To Add/Subtract Decimals

  1. To add decimals you HAVE TO LINE UP THE DECIMAL POINTS and then add the numbers up (Tip: when your first starting if the decimals don't go to the same place value you can add as may zeros at the END of the decimal. This does NOT change the place value)
  2. After you have added up the digits you "drop" the decimal point down.

Example 105.43+23.4=?





  1. To subtract decimals it's the same thing as adding YOU MUST LINE UP THE DECIMALS. You would subtract as you normally would.
  2. You would then "drop" down the decimal point.

Example 109.783-43.39=?





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Q: How do you add and subtract decimals?
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How do you convert percentage to a decimals?

add then subtract

How do you add or subtract decimals?

-to add or subtract decimals, line up the decimal points -add or subtract the same way you do with whole numbers ex: 12.4 +8.1 ______ 20.5 You can also do this strategy: 2.0 +6.0 _____ 8.0

When adding and subtracting decimals you must?

add them or subtract them, as appropriate!

When you add and subtract decimals with different signs how do you determine the sign?

fist then the kick then the uppercut

How do you add and subtract decimal models?

you add and subtract decimals by writing down your number and then line up your decimal's.yourwelcome kinda smart for a math problem like that huh?

What is the definition of subtracting decimals?

You subtract decimals together.

How do you add or subtract decimal?

how do we add or subtract decimal? its the same thing as using regular subraction and addition. Example: 12.4 +8.1 ______ =20.5 The same in subtraction! Just keep the decimals alligned!

How to subtract decimals?

You line up the decimals and simply subtract. Below is an example. 2.989-1.989= 2.989 1.989 --------- 1.000

What do you do when you add or subtract decimals?

Adding and subtracting decimals is easy. When you put the numbers one above the other, line up the decimals vertically and treat as you would any whole number just keep the decimals in line and bring it straight down to your answer.

Does decrease mean to add or subtract?

wich one

How do you subtract 151.6-44.85?


Does how many mean add or subtract?

does how many mean add or subtract

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