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A triangular pyramid or a tetrahedron has 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices.

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Q: How many face edges and vertices does a triangular pyramid have?
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Shape 4 vertices 6 edges and 4 face?

Tetrahedron or triangular pyramid.

How many edges bases and vertices does a triangular pyramid have?

A triangular pyramid consists of a triangular base. Attached to each side of the triangular base is a triangular face and these all meet up at the apex of the pyramid. There are, therefore, 6 edges, 4 bases and 4 vertices.

I have One square face 4 triangular faces 8 edges 5 vertices what are you?

a pyramid

Which shape has four faces six edges and four vertices its cross section shows a triangular face?

a triangular pyramid

How do you calculate the number of vertices and edges if you know the number of faces?

You cannot. For example: 6 faces can be a cuboid (8 vertices and 12 edges) or it can by a triangular di-pyramid (5 vertices, 9 edges). Incidentally, a triangular di-pyramid is just two triangular pyramids stuck together at one face.

What has 4 triangular faces 5 vertices 1 square face and 8 edges?

A square pyramid.

What is the name of 1 square face 4 triangular faces 8 edges and 5 vertices?

A square based pyramid.

How many face , edges and vertices does a square based pyramid?

A square based pyramid has 8 edges, 6 vertices and 5 faces.

What has 5 face 6 vertices and 9 edges?

A triangular prism.

What is the relationship between the number of faces and edges of a triangular pyramid?

Every face has 3 edges. CAUTION: DO NOT multiply the # of sides by 3, as that will not get you the # of edges. a triangular pyramid has 7 edges

What has 8 edges 5 face and 5 vertices?

a pyramid * * * * * A quadrilateral based pyramid.

What geometric shape has 1 square face and 4 triangular faces?

The geometric shape that has 1 square face and 4 triangular faces is a pyramid. A pyramid also has five vertices and eight edges. The square acts as the base for the shape on which it sits.

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