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When you listen to the campaign speech of a political candidate for the purpose of accepting or rejecting the speaker's message, you are engaged in empathic listening

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For food borne intoxication it does necessary that microorganism must enter human body with food.
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The main verb and the direct object are not normally separated.
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when There is no requirement to take action to identify and discipline those responsible for the unauthorized disclosure of Controlled Unclassified Information?


What is the result of True AND False OR True?

True AND False OR True evaluates to True. IT seems like it does not matter which is evaluated first as: (True AND False) OR True = False OR True = True True AND (False OR True) = True AND True = True But, it does matter as with False AND False OR True: (False AND False) OR True = False OR True = True False AND (False OR True) = False AND True = False and True OR False AND False: (True OR False) AND False = True AND False = False True OR (False AND False) = True OR False = True Evaluated left to right gives a different answer if the operators are reversed (as can be seen above), so AND and OR need an order of evaluation. AND can be replaced by multiply, OR by add, and BODMAS says multiply is evaluated before add; thus AND should be evaluated before OR - the C programming language follows this convention. This makes the original question: True AND False OR True = (True AND False) OR True = False OR True = True

What does And mean in Mathematics?

And is used in logical comparison in mathematics. true and true is true. true and false is false. false and true is false. false and false is false.

MS Office is hardware true or false?

False. It is software.

True or false panama has water to the north and south?

false, east and west

What if your risk of being injured or killed in a collision decrease as your defensive driving behavior increases true or false?


True or false vehicle size and shape are major factors in the operational success of the system?


How do you construct a truth table for parenthesis not p q parenthesis if and only if p?

Assuming that you mean not (p or q) if and only if P ~(PVQ)--> P so now construct a truth table, (just place it vertical since i cannot place it vertical through here.) P True True False False Q True False True False (PVQ) True True True False ~(PVQ) False False False True ~(PVQ)-->P True True True False if it's ~(P^Q) -->P then it's, P True True False False Q True False True False (P^Q) True False False False ~(P^Q) False True True True ~(P^Q)-->P True True False False

A coast is land alongside a mountain true or false?


A ray has two endpoints true or false?


All parts of a true and false question must be true for the answer to be true?

Yes. If all the question's parts are true, then the answer is true. If all the question's parts are false, then the answer is false. If one of the question's parts is false and the rest true, then the answer is false. Logically, this is illustrated below using: A = True, B = True, C = True, D = False, E = False, F = False A and B and C = True D and E and F = False A and B and D = False If you add NOT, it's a bit more complicated. A and NOT(D) = True and True = True NOT(D) and D = True and False = False NOT(A) and NOT(B) = False and False = False Using OR adds another layer of complexity. A OR NOT(E) = True OR True = True NOT(D) OR D = True OR False = False NOT(A) OR NOT(B) = False OR False = False Logic is easy once you understand the rules.

Is the burmese is a breed of dog true or false?

no that would be a cat

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