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what are the function of numeric keypad

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Q: What are the functions of the numeric keypad?
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What are the functions of numeric keypads?

what are the function of numeric keypad

How to restore numeric keypad functions for Microsoft Word?

As with all the programs you use, when you want to use the numeric keypad, on your keyboard at the top of the numeric number pad, ensure that the Num lock is on, by clicking on it, you should see a light depending on your keypad.

What mathematical calculations can you perform with the numeric keypad?

With only a numeric keypad - none. You need at least some basic operations or functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

What is the numeric keypad code the get an anchor symbol?

The keypad code to get the anchor symbol from the numeric keypad is 251.

What is a numeric keypad?

go to, click "images" and search for "numeric keypad." You will see what it is.

Function of the numeric keypad?

numeric key function

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a numeric keypad?

One of the advantages of having a numeric keypad is that you can type in numbers faster. One of the disadvantages of having a numeric keypad is that is takes up space on your keyboard.

Can you use the numeric keypad on your keyboard to enter numeric values?

Yes you can.

What is alpa numeric?

alpha numeric refers to the keypad on your cell is the keypad which has numbers and letters of the alphabet-thus alpha being the alphabet and numeric being the numbers.

Turn on your numeric keypad access to be used with a Word document?

You should just be able to hit the NumLock key on the numeric keypad.

Is a numeric keypad input or output?


Do many desktop computer keyboards also have a numeric keypad on the left side of the keyboard?

10 Numeric Keypad on the left side of the keyboard..

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