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Cancer can be transmitted by a number of routes;

1. Local Invasion to the surrounding tissue.

2. Lymphatic spread, sometime cancer cell will move from the site of origin by lymphatic circulation to a distant regional lymph nodes.

3. Hematological spread, some forms of cancers can be transmitted from the original site to a distal location by the way of venous circulation.

4. During surgery, sometime cancer cells will spread to a remote place during surgery, either by direct contact to the tumor, contaminated instruments and gloves, or to the site of incision.

5. Kissing mode, this mode of transmission found when you have a direct contact withe the cancer itself, for example cancer in the lower lip may spread to the upper limb, or cancer in the labia majora may spread to other vicinity around the vulva.

6. Transcolonic spread, the best example for this type of cancer is Krukenberg cancer, which is a secondary ovarian tumor, it's primary site is usually adeno carcinoma of the stomach.

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Q: What is mode of transmission?
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